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Petro Yatsyk. The incredible success story of Ukrainian in Canada

Every success story is worth learning about, and today we will share the story of one of the most outstanding Canadian businessmen of the 20th century, who became a vivid example of the realization of the American dream.

Petro Yatsik was born in the small village of Verkhne Sinyovydne in Skoliv region, where his family lived in modest conditions. Born in 1921, he grew up in a wealthy peasant family of his father Dmytro and mother Maria. This small village became the birthplace of one of the brightest career paths in the history of Canada.

The young man Petro Yatsyk received his education at a local school and attended agricultural courses. In 1939, at the beginning of the Second World War, he successfully completed a six-month railway course and began his career as a driver's assistant. But fate did not give him a simple path to success.

After the death of his father, Peter took care of the family and helped the Ukrainian rebels in difficult times. In 1944, frightened by the arrival of the Red Army, he decided to emigrate to Germany. In emigration, he not only coped with life's difficulties, but also acquired impressive language skills, learning German, English and Spanish. This became his natural competitive advantage in later life.

In 1947, Petro Yatsyk moved to Canada with only "seven dollars in his pocket". He did not know indifferent work and was ready to make every effort to provide for himself and his family. His story reminds us that initial circumstances do not always determine our future.

In 1950, together with partners, Petro opened the Ukrainian bookstore "Arka". in Toronto, and two years later founded a furniture store. However, his real manifestation of genius was participation in a construction company, which led to the accumulation of millions of fortunes. In other words, Petro Yatsyk showed us that the impossible does not exist, and even with small opportunities one can achieve great things.

Encyclopedia of Ukrainian Studies
Encyclopedia of Ukrainian Studies

In addition to his impressive success in business, Petro became a well-known patriot and patron of the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada. For more than five decades, he directed significant funds to support scientific and cultural projects. His donations contributed to the multi-volume Encyclopedia of Ukrainian Studies and supported the publication of this important work. Once again, he reminds us that even the biggest dreams can come true if there is faith and will.

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