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What is UCAN Radio?

UCAN Radio is a music and entertainment digital radio station for Ukrainians. Based in Calgary, we broadcast 24/7 across Canada, in two languages, live and on tape.

Creating shows, podcasts, events and special projects for  all Ukrainians in Canada, we pay significant attention to English-speaking Canadians of Ukrainian origin. Because there is a lot of quality content for Ukrainians from Ukrainians in Ukrainian. And for those who do not know the language, but would like to stand side by side in our struggle for freedom and preservation of culture, to learn more about their history and roots, there is almost no content.

We believe that in this way we achieve three goals. Canadians whose Ukrainian ancestors settled here several generations ago are reconnecting with their personal history. Newly arrived Ukrainians join the local community more effectively. And together we all strengthen the Ukrainian heritage.

Join UCAN Radio by listening to the station, following us on social media and becoming our partner, sponsor or donor!


Dmytro Gospodinov

The founder of the radio

"Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have come to Canada since the beginning of the war. Almost one and a half million have lived here for many generations. By uniting newcomers with Ukrainian Canadians, we are building a bridge to strengthen culture and language" 

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