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New Opportunities for Ukrainians: Canadian Migration Initiative

Canada has always been a welcoming country for immigrants, and now Ukrainians have another opportunity to realize their dreams of permanent residence in this charming country.


The Canadian government has announced the launch of a new temporary migration program, which will enable Ukrainians to obtain a permanent residence permit.

This initiative is aimed at helping Ukrainian citizens who have close relatives with Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status. Acceptance of applications for participation in the program began on October 23.

One of the main advantages of this program is the opportunity for close relatives of Ukrainians who already live in Canada to reconnect with their loved ones. Recognized close relatives in Canada include parents, children, grandparents, spouses, brothers and sisters.

We note that the program is also available to legal or civil partners of those Ukrainians who have family members in Canada, but cannot leave the country themselves. This means that even in cases where members of the military who have relatives in Canada have died or are missing, their families can still obtain Canadian residency.

Terms of consideration

applications for this program have not yet been fully determined, but it is known that the opportunity to submit applications opened on October 23. This program involves a medical examination, submission of criminal record documents and biometric identification.

This initiative of the Canadian government is aimed at the reunification of Ukrainian families that suffered from Russian aggression. Canada has always been a support for many Ukrainians, and this program is another step towards their well-being in this wonderful country.

Please note that Canada actively supports Ukrainians and, under previous programs, accepted about 800,000 visas for refugees from Ukraine fleeing the war. Now a new program is giving hope to those who dream of a stable future in Canada.

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